Just finished reading the book “Let Go” by Martine Batchelor. In the book it mentioned about the series of images called the “Ten Oxherding Pictures”. So I just search via google and look for the pictures.

The images can be a good map to describe the process involved in dealing creatively with destructive habits in daily life. The theme of the images is the seach for peace, harmony and awakening. The images themselves tell the story of a young boy, an oxherder, who is looking for his ox.

1. Searching for the Ox

2. Seeing the Footprints

3. Seeing the Ox

4. Catching the Ox

5. Tending the Ox

6. Riding the Ox Back Home

7. Forgetting the Ox, the Ox-herder Rests Alone

8. The Ox and the Ox-Herder are Both Forgotten

9. Returning to the Original Place

10. Entering the Marketplace with Helping Hands

11. A Spiraling Process