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Standing quietly by the fence,

you smile your wondrous smile.

I am speechless, and my senses are filled

by the sounds of your beautiful song,

Beginningless and endless,

I bow deeply to you.

Dear friends,

I am back from my trip 🙂 There will be a few posts coming out. At the meantime enjoy this post, I read this article during my time in the library.

This poem is written by a friend of Venerable Thich Nhat Hahn, who died at the age of twenty-eight in Saigon, about 30 years ago. After he died, people found many beautiful poems he had written, and Ven. was startled when he read this particular poem.

“You” refer to a flower, a dahlia. That morning as he passed by the field, he saw a little flower and was deeply struck by the sight of it, he stopped and wrote the poem.

You may think that the poet was a Zen master, because his way of seeing things is very deep. But he was just an ordinary person. How he saw the flower is exactly the way we practice mindfulness meditation. We try to be in touch with life in the present moment and look deeply into the things that happen to us in the present moment. We can do that while we drink tea, walk, sit and so on.

The secret of success is to be yourself, be really yourself, because when you are really yourself, you can encounter life in the present moment.

Slow down your pace, do stop and appreciate the flowers around you..


Pictures of dahlia