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During a tea session on Friday, my friends asked about the trip, two of them went there just for a day in April earlier this year.

“So any ghost encounter?” Mr Ng asked…

“Do you know the forest is actually haunted?”

“You sure.. nothing happens.”

And I mentioned Robin passed me an auspicious object for “protection”, borrowed from a friend, well it was better to keep it with you, whether you believe it or not. When we reached Temoh at around 5:30am. .. the street was basically without any light, for the shophouses, more than half was unoccupied. Do look scary…. we had our breakfast in a cool envirnoment while waiting for pick up.

*Female dormitory on a hill, which was away from the main meditation hall, quite a walking distance, that can be pretty dark at night.

*Used by monks to meditate in the forest, by adding a mosquito net one can sit on the stone throughout the night, but I think the heavy dew will probably soaked it.

So Mr Ng told me the story of a monk’s stay, what he encountered on the first night. Staying in kuti (hut) inside the forest, meditating at night and got disturbed by “spirits”, “ghosts”…. his story was posted on the monastery website in pdf, as a personal account. So I read it last night, found it funny, a couple of strange death around the area, just laugh it off.

So the first question the Venerable (we call him Bhante) will ask every new guy in the morning was: – “How was your first night in the forest?”

Anyway we stayed in the male dormitory above the meditation hall. We were given the choice to select and choose the later. In the morning it is a beautiful place, at night, if you think about it… can be pretty scary. Dogs barking now and then, plus the loud cricket sound throughout the night.

It was true that a boy was drown in the mining pond a few years back, somewhere near our location in Ipoh. Bhante had mentioned it before, he had been there for so long, so he knew all the happenings. The boy returned to look for his parents a few days later. Somehow the boy just stood at the gate crying and didn’t went into the house. So traumatized, the parents moved out shortly, the boy ghost returned again that night and went beserk when he discovered his parents were gone, Bhante was involved and told us the whole story.

I had the opportunity to understand more on meditation, and had a brief conversation with one monk (they don’t talk much, unless you ask them something).. on why they delicate their whole life meditating. I knew why they prefered to stay away from the world we are in.

For us, we meditate for the calm, tranquility, peace, happiness… for the monks it is to get out of samsara (the wheel of rebirth).

Well, I probed more … when death came.. at the very instant moment, the last thought is very important. So they perfect their practice diligently.

How long is a person’s life?

Human life exists only between every single breath 🙂

Beyond the light (NDE)