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“What is the purpose of this trip?” My brother asked.

I was half joking with my friends that I will become holy or zen like…haha. I am just contended with meditation practices 🙂

Here is one of the famous little story from the Mullah Nasrudin 😛 Do a google search for more stories.

This little man was in front of a pot of chilli peppers with tears streaming down his face, his face was red from eating so much chilli. Someone came by and asked him, ” Why are you eating all those hot chillies”, and he said ” I’m looking for the sweet one”. All the hot chillies, all the pain and suffering he was experiencing, one chilli after another chilli after another chilli, suffering and burning because he was looking for the sweet one.

It’s a very good metaphor for life.
Look at our fame, wealth and relationships.

Life is just the pursuit of happiness and the running away from pain and suffering. (humans & animals alike)

In practicing meditation, craving will arise and move the mind, it agitates the mind; it’s the wind which makes the mind move. When craving disappears, when the wind dies down, when it’s absolutely still, then you are still and it that stillness is peace. In that peace is contentment. In that contentment is happiness.